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    Leschi Elementary Before and After School Offerings

    Leschi Elementary offers a variety of enrichment programs for children in grades K-5. A large number of Leschi students participate in our before and after school offerings. Enrichment activities provide additional learning opportunities, with an emphasis on fun! Class selections vary from quarter to quarter. Please see the new quarterly enrichment catalog.

    Program List

    After School Enrichment Programs

    Leschi currently partners with Garfield Community Center to run many after school enrichment programs at our school. This is really exciting as we will be able to offer a variety of programs at our school and help strengthen our community with our community center in the neighborhood. See the link on the left menu for the Garfield program for more information, or register online for Garfield-run programs. In addition, there are several activities run directly by Leschi Elementary. For these, consult the link on the left menu for the Leschi program.

    Seattle Music Partners, 4th-5th grade

    Seattle Music Partners provides the opportunity for 4th and 5th grade students to participate after school in one-on-one music lessons on Monday afternoons and group music playing and learning on Wednesday afternoons (participating students are expected to attend both Monday and Wednesday sessions each week throughout the school year). Each student will be placed with a high school, college, or community musician for individual lessons on their instrument. Through these individual lessons, group activities and ensemble playing, 4th and 5th graders will learn to read music, play an instrument, and make music as part of an orchestra or band.

    Students perform in several recitals each year, showcasing their new skills and gaining valuable performance experience. Seattle Music Partners (SMP) works closely to support the instrumental music learning that is happening during in-school music lessons and students are strongly encouraged to sign up to participate in instrumental music during school as well.

    SMP provides instruments to students as needed. In addition, SMP works with area arts organizations to bring guest artists to Leschi for assemblies and also helps to arrange for field trips to music performances.

    Listen to the NPR story about this program.

    Team Read 2nd-3rd

    Team Read’s mission is to deliver a proven replicable K-12 model to ensure reading success for struggling readers through the use of peer tutors. Team Read is an innovative after-school tutoring program of the Seattle Public Schools that develops the reading skills of 2nd and 3rd grade students through year-long tutoring by high school tutors. Students meet twice a week after school (Tuesday and Thursday) to engage in reading together!

    Launch (formerly Community Day School Association)

    Launch (formerly CDSA) currently offers paid before and after school care along with a preK program onsite. More information can be found on their website

    Additional information can be found on the Leschi Launch page.