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    Amazon Laptop Guidance
    Posted on 05/03/2020

    This is information for families who have received a donated Amazon Chromebook Laptop to support your student with learning at home. If you have not received a device for your elementary student, please contact your school principal.

    While these Chromebooks are not school district laptops, we have a team of community volunteers to provide families with technical support if you are having difficulties setting up this computer.

    If you would like someone from this team to contact you, please visit please send an email to or call 206-413-2700. Please share your name, your student's grade, your preferred contact method and spoken language, and a brief description of the help that you need.

    We will match you with a volunteer who will contact you within approximately 1 business day to provide support. For logins to online platforms, your student's school or teacher may be able to help.

    Since this is a gift from Amazon directly to your student, it’s not a laptop that Seattle Public Schools is able to support with technical advice or any other kind of support. Even after schools return to normal, you may keep the laptop for your child’s continued learning. 

    If you receive a donated Chromebook laptop directly from Amazon, it will be your responsibility to monitor usage or utilize parental controls so your child can use the computer to learn and complete schoolwork in a safe and protected way. Google Family Link is a free app that provides some of these parenting controls. If you choose to use this, you can install it yourself. If you are having problems, our volunteers at our support line may be able to help you through this. 

    Thank you.




    Setting up Chromebook parental controls


    • First, download and use the Google Family Link app on your phone to set up an account for your child. You need an Android device running Android 4.4 KitKat or above or an iPhone running iOS 9 or higher.
    • If it is a new Chromebook, go through the setup process and sign in with your (parent) account. This is vital, as the first account used to sign in becomes the Owner account and has access to special privileges. Skip to the next step if the Chromebook has already been set up.
    • Finally, add your child’s account to the Chromebook.
      • This step works best, and is easiest, if you create a new Google account for your child. If your child has an existing Google account that you wish to add to Family Link, it is more complicated but still possible. See here:

      It is recommended that you disable guest mode and control who can sign into your child’s Chromebook. If the guest mode or the ability to add new users is available, your child may be able to bypass Chromebook parental controls.

      To do so, sign into the Chromebook with the Owner (parent) account. Click on the account photo and go to Settings. In the People section, go to Manage Other People. Turn on Restrict sign-in to the following users. You will see a list of accounts added to the Chromebook and be able to add and remove them accordingly. Next, turn off Enable Guest Browsing.

      Chromebook parental control features in Google Family Link

    • Restrict or block access to apps from the Chrome Web Store and the Google Play Store.
    • The ability to disable Incognito Mode.
    • Parents can manage the websites their children can visit on Chrome.
    • Parents can limit a child’s ability to grant permissions to websites.
    • Be default with Family Link, Chrome browsing tries to block sexually explicit and violent sites from being shown to children.
    • It is possible to set bedtimes, time limits, and lock devices.
    • You can find a useful guide on how to set these features up for your child here