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    Leschi Giving Garland 2018
    Posted on 12/02/2018
    The Giving Garland is a charitable event, supported by the Leschi school community and sponsored by the Leschi PTA. Over the past 8 years the Giving Garland has supported over 1000 children and their families in need of support during the winter holidays. This year we anticipate providing support to approximately 40 families with 150 children. Thank you for your past support and future generosity!

    Please consider the different ways to make a big difference with your gift to the Giving Garland:
    • Give Gift Cards (ideally in amounts of $25-50). Frequently asked for Gift Cards:
      • Safeway
      • Grocery Outlet
      • Target
      • Walmart
      • Ross Dress for Less
      • Old Navy
      • GameStop
    • Pick a tag for a wished for item. Tags are hanging on the garland out side the main office at school. All Gifts should be returned by 12/14 unwrapped with the original Giving Garland tag attached. If needed, gifts can be returned to school on 12/17 at the VERY latest. If returning on 12/17, PLEASE let Jennifer know what tag you have ("Red Bell, D-17"), so we know what's coming. or 206.423.2781 (texts are great!)
    • Go to the Giving Garland wish list:
    • Check the Leschi School website: and follow the link to the Giving Garland wish list on
    • Donate money to the Leschi PTA (designated for the Giving Garland), 100% of designated money goes to the children and their families
    In 2017 the Giving Garland supported 36 families with approximately 120 children. As a community, we were able to give $10,000 in gift cards ($6,000 for Safeway and Grocery Outlet) and 600 gifts were distributed. The event is geared to support the children and every family receives a gift card to an easily accessible grocery store. Tags hang from the garland, each representing a gift; some items are fun: toys, bikes, art supplies, board games, balls, books and sports gear. While some are basic essentials: clothing, bedding, warm coats, diapers or car seats.

    Leschi Elementary currently has 375 students enrolled; approximately 46% of the student body qualify for free and reduced lunch and 21% qualify as homeless under the McKinney–Vento Homeless Assistance Act. Our number of homeless children enrolled at Leschi has increased significantly in recent years. Presently there are 78 children attending Leschi who meet the criteria of “homeless”, making the homeless student population at Leschi Elementary one of the highest in the Seattle Public Schools. Support provided to these families from our community through events and services such as the Giving Garland, BreakPacks meal support (thank you Rachel Faber Machacha) and our Family Support Office (thank you Mr. Donaldson and team) is incredibly important to the stability and well-being of these children and their families.

    We greatly appreciate the past partnership, support and generosity from our school and neighborhood communities: Leschi elementary families and friends, the Leschi Community Council, local businesses and residents in our neighborhood. 
    If you have questions or need clarification on anything, please let me know. Feel free to share this request and event with your family, friends and neighbors through social media or other community connectors.
    Thank you in advance for your generous support again this year!