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    Letter to Families 5/29/20

    May 29, 2020

    Greetings Leschi Families and Scholars-

    Happy Friday!

    There is so much exciting learning going on virtually at Leschi. I am so proud of the way our scholars are adapting to our distant platform and for those who “this isn’t your cup of tea” I get it, AND we need to adjust knowing this is the wave of the future at least for now. AND mix it up. I spoke with a teacher who had planned their lesson and was about to implement it with the scholar and then asked a simple question, “do you have a book you want to share?” Wow- originally the student had been reluctant, but when asked what they wanted to do, the tables were turned, and the lesson was quite successful. 

    We can choose to change these tables- Covid 19 does not have us- we have a choice and that is to create new routines and ways to engage, learn and grow. I can tell you that my backyard has never looked better; why because Covid 19 has caused my husband to take up gardening…new ways to engage, learn and grow.

    Grow your intelligence through literacy. Mr. McNew wanted me to share this information about the Library.

    Support your school by shopping online at a local independent bookstore! Leschi Elementary will receive 15% of the pre-tax totals from all online orders for this book fair, and you'll receive free media mail shipping! 

    All of the online orders for books placed between Monday, June 8th at 8:00AM and Friday, June 12th at midnight (12:00AM) will count towards this fundraiser. Shop from the suggested list of books on the book fair homepage or browse any available title on our website. Gifts cards are not eligible purchases for the book fair, but all of the books for kids and adults available on our site are!

    If you have further questions, please check out our Virtual Book Fair FAQ page!

    Thanks for supporting our bookstore's partnerships with our local schools during these challenging times! We hope that cultivating these virtual community spaces helps you to feel more connected not only with literature but also your school and neighborhood. Stay well and happy reading!   

    Growing through music.  Mr. Oxford has several YouTube videos demonstrating how to play various musical instruments. If your child is already in band, please continue to practice. And if this is something you are interested in please think about exploring options for when this opportunity to join the band opens up again. Or maybe you have an old instrument lying around. You get the idea.

    Items for pick up. Your wish to come and pick up items left at school is being planned out. Seattle Public Schools is offering two days in June (10 and 11) for families come and pick up items left at the building. Please look for more information on the regulations and procedural expectations. Most likely we will have a drive through service where you will be able to receive your children’s items handed to you- having been previously bagged up by their teachers. Families and students will not be permitted inside the building. We are sorry that we cannot accommodate people into the building, but this is strictly for your safety and the safety of others.

    If you are unable to come on the designated days due to health concerns or that of others; we understand, and the items will remain at the school until we re-open or another designated time is scheduled by the district. 

    Reminder: Virtual Jog-A-Thon Friday, June 5th - 11:00 am


    Finally, I heard from many families that more information is wanted regarding the Montessori Math waiver, standalone classes and class placement. I will work with the BLT and staff to create additional information and more clarity and how the process is unfolding. Please look for that by next week.

    Thanks everyone for your thoughtful questions and positive comments of support. It means a lot.

    Yours in service,