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    History of the Best of Both Model

    Teachers at Leschi Elementary have a vision for something beautiful, and they need your help. Here is their story.

    In 2009, T.T. Minor Elementary was forced to shut down due to low enrollment and, as part of this shut down, the school’s Montessori program migrated to Leschi Elementary. The Montessori program at Leschi grew alongside the Contemporary program—a more traditional model—and the school soon had two separate programs in the same building. That meant two separate curriculums with different competing demands for professional development, student support, and classroom materials.

    The Leschi teachers responded with creativity. Two K/1 teachers in different classrooms—one Contemporary and one Montessori— developed a pilot program that captured the best instructional elements of both Montessori and Contemporary. This hybrid instructional model was so successful that it was adopted with the approval of the community and Seattle School Board for the entire school year starting in the 2015-2016 academic year.

    Now, Leschi Elementary is determined to create one unified community led by a team of teachers who will be able to collaborate in new and exciting ways. 

    Please consider supporting these teachers!