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    Students working with fraction tiles

    When students enroll at Leschi Elementary, everyone will receive the same blended approach (Best of Both) starting during the 2015-16 school year. Every student will have a team of teachers. One teacher will deliver instruction in mathematics utilizing the Montessori methods, materials and approach. The second teacher will deliver instruction in reading and writing utilizing the Workshop Model developed by Teachers College of Columbia University (currently used in both programs). All students will receive science instruction through the National Science Foundation Inquiry kits (which are currently used in the both programs).

    Other Benefits Include:

    • Full day kindergarten is available in both programs with no fee
    • On-site before and after school child care
    • Visual and performing artists in residence programs supporting a school wide arts focus

    All classes use the Reader’s Workshop and Writer’s Workshop curriculum and teaching techniques. This curriculum opens with a whole group mini-lesson and then allows students to work independently on specific skills while the teacher circulates working with individuals and small groups for instruction. We also all use the Foss Science kits and curriculum, which each teacher has been provided training on through Seattle Public Schools.

    All grade levels work toward the same goals (Common Core Standards) which outline where our students need to be by the end of the school year. Although the teaching of math can differ from class to class I think of it like learning to tie your shoes; there are several techniques and methods, but the end goal is the same.