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    You can donate to the Leschi PTA by either online donation or by downloading the donation form. The Leschi PTA is a 501(C)(3) charity and all donations are tax-deductible. See here for details (Scroll down to the Charity/Fundraiser Search box, and search on "Leschi PTA")

    The Leschi PTA has a mission to improve the experience of every child at our school. The money we raise funds basic support for classrooms, teachers and families. ALMOST THERE!!!

    We need to raise $7,000 to reach the $80,000 goal by March 31st!! 78 donors have contributed so far and our goal is always to have 100% participation. Your donation supports the programs below and more.

    • Writers in the Schools
    • Nutrition Education
    • Teacher Professional Development & Reimbursement
    • Technology Software & Hardware
    • Art Curriculum & Supplies
    • P.E. Curriculum & Equipment
    • Library Maintenance
    • Field Trip scholarships
    • Music Instruction
    • Forestry & Garden Education

    If you have already given this year, THANK YOU! If you haven’t given yet, maybe you just need a reminder that we need your support! 

    We can do it if:

    • 2 families give $1,000 = $2,000
    • 5 families give $500 = $2,500
    • 10 families give $100 = $1,000
    • 12 families give $50 = $600
    • 20 families give $25 = $500
    • 25 families give $10 = $250
    • 30 families give $5 = $150
    • $7,000 = the goal is met!!!

    For more information or to help with fundraising in other ways, please contact Jennifer Marquardt, Fundraising Chair:

    Thank you in advance for your generous donations and supporting the students and staff of Leschi Elementary!

    Jennifer Marquardt
    Leschi PTA Fundraising
    Mama to Olive Mae 4th and Emmett 7th grade

    Updated: 3/28/2018