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Equity Task Force

Leschi Equity Task Force

Leschi Cares – Equity Sign

The Leschi Equity Task Force believes in fair and inclusive schools and communities. Created with help from our wonderful ESL teachers and a volunteer designer, the sign is written in the five languages spoken the most at our school’ English, Spanish, Oromo, Amharic, and Somali.

It’s only a sign, but the message matters. And acting on it matters even more!

Our first printing of yard and window signs went fast, but a few remaining signs may be available in the front office. We will do a second printing when they run out.

About the Leschi Equity Task Force

What is Equity? Equity means that school is fair and inclusive for all students and families. Equity is important in educational opportunity and achievement, in discipline, in special programs, and in community and family engagement.

What is the Equity Task Force? A group dedicated to creating equity for all students at Leschi. We meet monthly to look at data, talk about community input, and discuss how Leschi’s school systems, structures, teaching, and learning are equitable (or not yet).

Last year, we focused on the Best of Both, but this year our work focuses on broader issues in the school, not only Best of Both.

Discussion topics include:

  • Student participation in special/enrichment/accelerated/remedial programs
  • Student achievement
  • Student behavior/discipline
  • Addressing needs of different populations at our school
  • Creating a safe and welcoming space for all students, staff, and families
  • Parent/adult education programming
  • Community engagement
  • Other topics that you/members and/or staff/faculty recommend

Scope of Work of Task Force:
The Task Force:

  • Solicits input and feedback from all communities at Leschi
  • Conducts research into:
    • What has happened in the past at Leschi
    • What is happening now at Leschi
    • How other communities have addressed similar problems

In order to:

  • Identify specific problems to be solved
  • Identify possible solutions
  • Make recommendations

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