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School in Session Leschi Elementary March 24

School will be open Thursday, March 24. We have been monitoring the air quality in the building. The odor that caused us to cancel school is gone.

We regret the disruption to the learning process, but student safety is of utmost importance.

We have identified the source of the issue. The contractors inadvertently disabled the machine that would have prevented the incident. When this safeguard is in use, experience has shown us that the odor would not have spread from the construction area to the existing building. We are working with our construction partners to ensure this does not happen again.

Students and staff evacuated quickly after the odor was detected, which limited potential inhalation exposure. SPS environmental safety staff believe students were not at risk because exposure to substance was for a very short time

The SPS construction project management team is working with the construction company to ensure there are no other ventilation problems during the project. Other materials that will be applied during construction, including paint, are low VOC (volatile organic compound) products. There will be a detailed plan for installation. With proper ventilation, the SPS construction team and the contractors are confident that future disruptions can be avoided.

As a reminder, our school’s ventilation system brings in outside air and exchanges it four to five times per hour. Other ventilation is being used in the construction project area.

I look forward to welcoming your students in the morning.


Principal Liu