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Leschi PTA

PTA Standing Rules

Standing Rules for Leschi PTA

  1. The name of this PTA local unit is Leschi PTA, Washington State PTA local unit number 6.15.207. 
  2. This PTA seeks to serve the Leschi Elementary School Community and work for the health, welfare, safety, education, care, and protection of children in the home, school, and community.
  3. This PTA was incorporated on 12/03/1987.  It was assigned UBI number 601-058-784.
    • The treasurer is responsible for filing an annual corporation report.
    • The registered agent for this corporation is the Washington State PTA. 
    • The EIN is located in the permanent file maintained by the Secretary and is available upon reasonable request.  
  4. This PTA is registered under the Charitable Solicitations Act, registration number 2665. The Treasurer is responsible for filing the annual registration (must be filed before May 31st to avoid penalties).
  5. This PTA was granted tax-exempt status under Internal Revenue Code section 501(c)(3) on 09/22/1989.
  6. The Treasurer is responsible for filing IRS Form 990-N or Form 990-EZ prior to November 15th.  The Treasurer will provide a copy to the Leschi PTA board of directors (“the Board”) by November 1st.  Copies are retained in the President’s permanent file/binder, which is kept in the locked PTA Office at Leschi Elementary School and maintained by the Secretary. 
  7. The PTA Secretary shall maintain an original or a copy of all legal documents.
    • Copies or a review of legal documents can be requested by any member of the PTA at any time. 
    • Original legal documents will be stored at Leschi Elementary School in the locked PTA office in the President’s file/binder.  
    • Any officer, member of the Board of Directors, or PTA member who receives an official document regarding Leschi PTA will give the document to the Secretary who will file it in the President’s permanent file/binder in the Leschi PTA office and will keep a copy in the Secretary’s binder at home. Annual forms we expect to maintain include the proof of insurance and our IRS filing form.
  8. Membership is open to all individuals and families. 
    • The students of Leschi Elementary shall be considered honorary members of this PTA without voice, vote, or the privilege of holding office. 
    • The membership service fees for this PTA shall be eleven dollars ($11.00) per person or twenty dollars ($20) per family.
    • The PTA Board may choose to accept donations to pay the membership fees for those who request fee assistance and/or for the number of members required to keep us in good standing with the larger PTA organizations. In this case, registered members “covered” by those donations will be those who register as members requesting assistance with the fees. If there are more funds donated than are needed to pay for requested memberships for any given year, those donated funds will go into the Leschi PTA General Fund for use across programs.
  9. The elected officers of this PTA shall be President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer and Legislative Liaison. Any elected position may be held jointly by two (2) people. Each co-position holder shall be entitled to voice and vote at a board of directors’ meeting. These officers will constitute the Executive Committee of the Board.
  10. The board of directors shall consist of elected officers (Executive Committee as described in point 9) and Executive-Committee-appointed members including the leads of any board-appointed committees and at-large representatives. Please see the attached list of elected officers and non-elected Board-appointed members for the current year, which is maintained by the Secretary.
  11. The Board prefers requests for funds or reallocation of funds to come as an official proposal to monthly Board meetings.
    • Requests for funds that would require a new budget category must be approved by a vote at a General Membership Meeting regardless of the amount. 
    • If needed due to time constraints between Board meetings, reallocation of funds for $2,500.00 or less between existing budget line items can be approved by a majority vote of the Executive Committee plus one or two representatives from the Board appointed by the President for the purpose of increasing the diversity of perspective in making the decision (the total number of voting members shall always be an odd number).
    • Reallocation of funds over $2,500.00 must be approved by a majority of the entire PTA Board, and the reallocation information must be shared with the General Membership at the next General PTA Meeting.
    • Requests to reallocate amounts up to $2,500.00 that arise between Board meetings can be made via email or at a specially-called Executive Committee Meeting. Any decisions made via email will be recorded into the minutes of the next Board Meeting.
  12. Voting by the general membership (i.e. for elections, the budget, or standing rules) may be carried out by electronic transmission, e.g., email, unless it is determined in advance that the question under consideration requires in-person votes, in which case the in-person requirement will be announced to the general membership in advance of the meeting.
  13. The PTA board shall maintain an Errors and Omissions insurance policy.  The policy is available through the Washington State PTA.  
  14. Our PTA will comply with the training requirements necessary to remain in good standing, as specified in the most current WSPTA Bylaws. If required, Executive Committee members (President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Legislative Liaison) each will attend at least one PTA training per PTA year. 
  15. This PTA board of directors will meet on a date and time to be determined by the board.  
  16. Adoption of the budget, adoption of standing rules, and election of officers shall take place at general membership meetings. 
    • A quorum of ten (10) members shall be required for valid election or adoption.  
    • This PTA shall approve its annual operating budget in the spring of the prior year or fall of each school year.
  17. The PTA shall conduct a financial review of its books and records at least once a year as soon after June 30 as is practicable.  A minimum of three (3) PTA members, including at least one member of the Board, shall conduct the review. 
  18. The Board shall open and maintain a bank account for this PTA’s funds. 
    • All financial matters, e.g., check signing, and binding agreements shall require two (2) signatures. 
    • Any Board officer or Board member may be selected to have signing authority. 
    • Each year, the Board shall select three to four (3-4) Board officers or Board members to have signing authority on the PTA’s bank account, including the Treasurer or a co-Treasurer and two to three others.  Such members shall be added to the bank account signature card. 
    • Among those Board members without signing authority, one such officer or member, but not necessarily always the same officer or member, shall receive and review monthly bank statements.  Such monthly bank statements shall be provided to the reviewer unopened.  The reviewer shall immediately report any discrepancies to the Board. 
    • No debit or credit cards issued by the PTA’s bank with respect to the PTA bank account shall be accepted or activated by the PTA or its Board.    
  19. All reimbursement requests shall include a receipt and shall be submitted to the Treasurer within 60 days of purchase. 
  20. Leschi PTA is entitled to one voting delegate to the State PTA Council, State PTA convention, and PTSA Council.  Any elected Board officer or member may serve as the delegate.